CEAGE is active in sponsored and collaborative research projects in renewable energy, demand response, building energy efficiency and management and power systems planning. A few of the projects are listed below. 

Projects in Alternative/Renewable Energy/Microgrids/ Distributed Generation

Projects in Demand Response/Smart Grid/Smart Buildings

NRT-DESE: UrbComp: Data Science for Modeling, Understanding and Advancing Urban Populations
Qatar Power System Transition to a Smart Grid
Building-Grid Integration Research and Development Innovators Program
Partnerships for Innovation: Role of the Smart Grid in Alleviating Electrical Power System Stress Conditions Through Demand Response
Optimizing Electric Power Distribution Network Operation with Demand Response, Solar Photovoltaics and Energy Storage to Mitigate the Impact of Growing Electric Vehicle Penetration
STTR Phase I: An Agent-based Self-learning Technology for Efficient Building Operations and Automated Participation in Electricity Markets
Development of Dynamic Input-Output Building Models for System-Level Energy Savings and Peak Demand Reduction Assessment
Mapping Industrial Control Systems
Assessment of Economic/Transactive Opportunities for Building Energy Management Systems in Distribution System Operator Environment
US-Egypt Cooperative Research: Managing Grid Integration of Large-Scale Wind Power Parks using Energy Storage Technology and Demand Response
A Probability-based Model for Cost-effective Integration of Renewables into the Electricity Grid
Modeling and Simulation of a Distributed Generation-Integrated Intelligent Microgrid
A Test-bed for Analyzing the Security and Resilience of the DG-Integrated Electric Power Distribution Network
Building Energy Management Open Source Software Development (BEMOSS)
Enabling Secure and Resilient XFC: A Software/Hardware-Security Co-Design Approach
Feasibility and Guidelines for the Development of Microgrids in Campus-Type Facilities

Projects in Cyber Security/Power System planning/Others